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Happy Tails #11 – More on Cubs


Today was an easy day and went by fairly quick.  One of the volunteers came in earlier to start his shift because he had to leave for a Good Friday service.  He had already done the morning feeding by the time I got to the shelter at 10:00am.  This meant the other volunteers and I could start cleaning already since the cats/kittens had finished their wet food breakfast.

I started off into the back room and then progressed to the laundry room where Cubs was at.  He was a complete punk today and would not let me or other volunteers clean his cage.  Each time we attempted to the open the door, he would try to use his head and weight to budge the door completely open.

My supervisor suggested that since he’s being noncompliant, if he wants to be held we can try doing that.  I stuck my arms out and he moved towards me.  I scruffed him and carried him out of the cage like he was a baby.  Well…he is kinda like my baby.  Boy is he heavy!  He must be at least 20 lbs and when he stretched his body out on my lap, his legs were on my knees and his head to my head.  I always knew he was a big boy, but never knew he was this big in comparison to me.

He’s a curious boy and loves looking around, but when he started to look up and above the cages I got a bit anxious.  I was scared he would dart out of my arms and up above the cages.  I scruffed him even harder and he probably knew that I knew what HE was thinking.  Then he started looking at the other cats in the cages around him and his tail started to sway side to side.  Uh oh, might not be a great sign.  He is could be alarmed, excited, or a bit startled.  Whatever he is thinking or feeling I didn’t like it and neither did my supervisor.  She stood in front of the other cages so Cubs would stop getting so startled.  I stared to baby talk him and his swaying slowed down and stopped.

After cleaning, I moved him back into the cage and he was reluctant to go in.  I didn’t want to let him go either, but I did not want him to get spoiled.  This was one of my longest interactions with a cat.  I have never held one for such a long period of time, but it was very fun and fulfilling.  I was happy to hold my love, Cubs, and at the same time analyze his every movement.  I feel that I am really starting to get to know cats and their body movements!  Today was a great success :).


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  1. After all that, I’m very surprised you didn’t walk out of there with…well, multiple cats. 😉

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