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Happy Tails #10 – Am I going to die?


I certainly hope not.  I got bit by a cat named Susuki today.  She’s a regular at the shelter and can occasionally be sweet but can also be very nippy at times.  My supervisor has seen me work with her a few weeks back and Susuki seemed to like me a lot.  She was very pleasant to me, so from that time on, my supervisor had me clean her cage each week.  This was probably my third or fourth week cleaning her in a row…and she BIT me :(.

Susuki has the habit of not pooping and peeing in her litter box all the time, so her cage smells…TERRIBLE.  It is like she aims for the litter box and misses.  Poop gets onto the newspaper under the litter box and pee runs down the sides of the litter box.  I think they should consider a bigger litter box for her, but then it would reduce the amount of space she would have in her small cage…

I try my best to keep whatever I can in her cage while cleaning so she can have her scent, but it smelled terrible!  Her towel was stained (I was sure it was dried pee) and it made me upset.  I know no one wants to live in their own feces…so I decided I would change her towels and everything in her cage.  I did this the last time and she became calmer after the cleaning.  I was hoping it would be the same case today…but unfortunately not.

I wiped down the nasty and dried smear marks in the back of her cage and brushed her with my other hand to keep her calm.  I changed her litter and made her a nice plush bed with two new towels.  I was able to put almost everything back until I got to the towels.  She just would not move and I placed the towels next to her and I somehow must have freaked her out.  She bit my wrist!  It cut into my skin a little bit and I knew she immediately felt regret because she let go and leaned her head on me slightly.

I immediately went to disinfect because other volunteers had heard that someone earlier in the week had got bitten and they ended up in the ER.  It got infected quickly from something in the cat’s saliva and their arm swelled up really bad.  I was nervous, but I thought “well now we’ll just wait and see because there is nothing I can do since it has already happened.”  After disinfecting I went back to check up on Susuki and she immediately got up to rub her body on the cage door at the sight of me.

I was not mad at her because I understand all animals have their instincts.  If they get startled or feel alarmed they will bite as a defense mechanism.  I was honestly more upset that volunteers had let her cage get this messy each week.  The room she is in reeks of urine and it is all from her cage and the pee

stained dried towels.  Maybe she was in a bad mood as a result of her living conditions.

On a side note, here are the pictures of the kittens I had promised last week.  Enjoy!


Kitten Oreo


Susan and Lucy

Peter and Edmund

jealous Cubs



  1. I’m sorry about your hand! You’re ok though right?? I have a question regarding the cages, you said that the other volunteers let it get messy but do you have a supervisor who makes sure that everyone does their tasks appropriately? Well in anycase, those cats are adorable!

    • Yea I’m okay! Neosporin did the trick. My supervisor on Friday makes sure everyone completes their tasks appropriately, but the thing with the shelter is that there is a different supervisor (aka. “cage captain”) each day of the week. So it is hard for me to say whether the other supervisors checked or not? But my supervisor is aware of the issue and she thinks that it is probably because Susuki gives a lot of people a hard time and volunteers do what they can to the best of their abilities.

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