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Happy Tails #9 – Distance



It poured all morning.  Lots and lots of rain.  But it was just a simple day.


Nothing too exciting happened today.  The only excitement was that we have some new kittens today.  Peter and Edmund (two siblings white and gray), Lucy and Susan (possible siblings one tabby and one white/gray), Ash (gray/white, dirty not vet checked yet and hard to tell), and Oreo (6-7 week old black kitten).  I mean don’t get me wrong, new kittens are super exciting but it was just a simple day.


Peter and Edmund and Lucy and Susan are in the back room.  Peter and Edmund are full of energy and love jumping and leaping around in their cage.  They are like the bad neighbors who play their music too loud.  Their cage happens to be next to Maisha (older black cat who would rather be in a quiet setting) and they startle her a lot.  Lucy and Susan are possible siblings who were found together and are absolute sweethearts.  They’re sweet, calm, and love affection.    Ash and Oreo are located in the laundry room.  Ash is a sad story.  She/he has not been vet checked yet and is extremely dirty.  She/he has an ashy looking colored fur.  She looks roughed up (nose is scraped up and one of the ear is snipped).  One of the volunteers asked me to hold her while he cleaned her cage and she was scared in my arms and shy.  Nonetheless, she wanted me to hold her.  Oreo is absolutely the new center of attention.  He/she is a kitten, super tiny and super cute.  Everyone wanted to hold Oreo.


This made Cubs extremely jealous.  He was a bit moody today.  Could have been the weather?  He stuck his arm out of the cage every time someone was playing with Oreo.  People had to turn their back to Cubs when they were playing with Oreo.  I tried to comfort him, but after some petting he turned around and laid on his towel.


It is hard to explain this feeling, but today was kind of boring.  I felt upset to see Ash in that condition because it reminded me of Bojangles that went to the vet and never came back.  I hope this is not the case with Ash.  I realized it is important to not get too attached to the cats, especially the new ones because when they are put down…it is hard to accept.  I feel I might be unconsciously feeling indifferent to everything today because I’m scared to see another cat put down.  I have definitely grown attached to some of the cats…but keeping some sort of distance might be the new thing to learn.


Side note: Pictures of the new cats next week only if you keep reading 😉



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