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Happy Tails #4 – C.A.R.E 25th Anniversary


I had a super long day at work, but was looking forward to getting off.  This is because I was going to attend C.A.R.E.’s 25th annual appreciation dinner/meeting.

It was my first time seeing a majority of C.A.R.E.’s volunteers.  This is because volunteers work on specific days of the week and the people I have met are limited to my shift on Friday mornings.  There were about 100-125 people at the annual appreciation dinner.  There were volunteers ranging from teenagers to retirees.  It was fascinating to see the crowd of people there.  Everyone was completely different, but they all shared the goal of helping animals at the shelter.

My guest and I did not know which table to sit at.  We randomly chose one near the stage just so that we could hear the speakers when they talk.  Everyone we met was so nice and outgoing.  Everyone had something to talk about or something to share.  There was nothing uncomfortable about this experience because everyone at the table conversed with each other.  We talked about what shifts we worked and whether we worked with the felines or canines.

My guest and I met a super cute and friendly couple.  For confidentiality reasons, I will refer to them with the initials of their first names “KB.”  K happened to be the publisher/editor of C.A.R.E.’s newsletter called “Pawprints.”  It was interesting to meet some of the people that run the show or take part in different parts of C.A.R.E. other than the volunteering.  After conversing for a while, I found out that KB volunteer together because they both have a love for animals.  They asked me if I had a soft spot for any of the cats and Cubs (mentioned in Happy Tails #3) immediately came to my mind.  I told them about my encounter with him and they told me he is a complete sweetheart this week.  He’s changed from a “cool and stern” cat to a little sweetheart.  I was unable to see his progress this week due to some personal events that came up, but I was happy to hear of his progress.  This just shows that a little TLC from all the volunteers can get him to open up and show his affection.  Hearing of this just makes my role at the shelter feel much more successful and accomplished.  I always had the feeling that with a bit of TLC, Cubs would be a much happier fella.  I just did not think it would happen this fast.  I can’t wait to see him next week and of the progress he is making.

Aside from stories about Cubs…  I heard a lot of speakers talk at the annual dinner/meeting.  They talked about the progress of the shelter after 25 years of service.  They spoke of fundraising events that would happen and goals they had of expanding the shelter.  Then they gave thanks to a majority of the volunteers with certificates (volunteers that have been there 5 years, 10 years, 20 years, or went above and beyond…).  I did not think I would get one…but apparently they give one out to the newest volunteers like me.  They said we are the future of C.A.R.E.  Being told I am doing a good job where I am at feels pretty good.  I feel that when my efforts are being acknowledged it makes me want to work even harder.  Even though a certificate is just a sheet of paper…it is like a pat on the back…feels good intrinsically.  I hope to stay with C.A.R.E. for as long as I possibly can.  I am already looking forward to their next annual appreciation dinner/meeting  🙂 .



  1. You seldom think of it, but committing to a cause like CARE automatically “admits” you to a community of like-minded people. This can be one of the most rewarding aspects of volunteering.

    • I like your blog theme and your use of pictures! Glad you were able to attend the appreciation dinner and did not feel uncomfortable. It is always nice to be around welcoming people.

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